The research and development capabilities of EARTHNOTE

The core of our genomic breeding program of sorghum is the 500 lines that are selected from over 40,000 sorghum lines/accessions from all over the world. We have established the library based on its genomic information. Collaborating with many specialists in various fields of universities and research institutes has prompted to accumulate and build our unique intellectual property for sorghum.

Through the collaboration with this R & D network, we have integrated conventional breeding method with genomic breeding methods such as GWAS(Genome-Wide Association Study), GS(Genomic Selection), MAS(Maker-Assisted Selection) and have constructed a genetic library comprising of more than 2,000 sorghum lines involving genetic resources covering diverse growing condition as well as industrial uses.

We have already established a protocol to choose promising lines from our collections considering the geographical and climatic conditions of the area, such as latitude, rainfall, and the specific purpose of use required out there. We breed and provide more suitable lines for the area on demand and on time by Tailor-made” breeding. The “Tailor-made Solution” solves agricultural issues around the world and empower people on agricultural production.