May 2007 Established Seeds & Seedlings company with JPY 3 million.
Tsuyoshi Tokunaga, current president, launched the head office
April 2008 Contracted research (5 years) from National Institute of Aerobiological Sciences (NIAS)
FY 2008 “New Agricultural Evolvement Genome Project” ~ Sorghum Gene Isolation and functional breakthrough
April 2009 Contracted research from Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation
FY 2009 Okinawa Innovation-creating Business~New breeding and seeds & seedlings production of subtropical crop by heavy ionic beam irradiation as core Okinawa seeds & seedlings intelligence strategy
December 2009 Contracted research from Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Building Okinawa’s resource and energy recycling model by utilizing high sugar contents Sorghum
May 2010 Contracted research from Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation
FY 2010 – 2011 Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation Supporting Business~Developing optimized sorghum breed for cascading utilization of phytoremediation and bio ethanol
October 2010 Contracted research from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
FY 2010 Green and Water Environment Technology Revolution Project Business~Research Project “Efficient Biomass Production Business in islands area of Okinawa”
February 2011 Contracted business (3 years) from Yammar Okinawa ← Okinawa prefecture
FY 2011 Business development on purifying operation for contaminated soil by utilizing microorganism
March 2011 Contracted research from Daiwa Research Institute ← Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Research on Bioethanol production business (BOP Business Co-work Promotion)
October 2012 Contracted research (5 years) from Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Developing fundamental technology on crop yield enhancement and its utilization for recycling CO2
November 2012 Contracted business (3 years) from Okinawa prefecture
FY 2012 Developing business on fundamental energy technology in Subtropical and small island
March 2013 Capital increase to JPY 99,550,000
December 2013 Established ENA (EARTHNOTE Australia)
February 2016 Applicated “Fukunosachi” which is the original rice variety for variety registration with Stay Green Co., Ltd.
November 2016 Established Social Collaboration Laboratory “Breeding and Genomics” in Tokyo University
December 2017 Established ENM (EARTHNOTE Mexico)
July 2018 Contracted business from Fukushima prefecture with NarahaAgri Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Prefecture regional reconstruction practical application development promotion project~ Creating sustainable and profitable recycle-based agriculture with collaboration of agriculture, cattle farming and power generation.
September 2018 Established ENB (EARTHNOTE Brazil)