company name EARTHNOTE Co.,Ltd.
Chairman, Representative Director Toshikazu Midorima
President, Representative Director Tsuyoshi Tokunaga
Head Office 403 Joto House, 498-1 Isagawa, Nago-city, Okinawa,905-1152, Japan
Ginoza Office 1388, Sokei, Ginoza-son Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-1303, Japan
Establishment May 2, 2007
Capital 1,075,541,500JPY
No. of shares outstanding 440,966 shares
Business contents ・R&D in plant breeding
・Developing original (Tailor-made) F1 seeds, commercial and seed production, sales and distribution
・Development of cultivation and operating agronomic solution packages and technologies
number of employees 59 people (As of September 2018)
amount of sales Fiscal year ending December 2015 ¥ 58.092 million
Fiscal year ending December 2016 ¥58,665,000
Fiscal year ending December 2017 ¥1,651.44 million
Bank The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd. Head Office and Omiya Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch
Bank of The Ryukyus, Ltd. Head office sales department and Omiya Branch