The tailor-made solutions for agricultural business we propose has become a reality through exponential innovation in the genetic analysis technologies. In 2001, sequencing the entire human genome cost 10 billion yen (the cost reportedly jumped up to 300 billion yen, including the development cost of peripheral.). However, in 2018, 17 years later, the cost has dropped to nearly 100,000 yen, and in the near future it could be as low as 10,000 yen. This fabulous progress of technology has reduced time in developing new plant varieties far exceeding our expectation.
Our “tailor-made solutions” is a new model we advocate for our clients in agribusiness. In addition to custom breeding services, we are preparing several options – such as the utilization of beneficial microorganisms, developing new protocols for production management and so forth – so that our partners can improve their businesses, operate more efficiently and benefit in line with their particular requirements.
Today, we can read genetic information at a low cost, this makes genome breeding possible and allows us to efficiently improve the genetic traits of an organism in a short period of time. This is, within practical use, and in addition to other technologies such as recombinant DNA and genome editing (we are currently not utilizing these technologies). We are doing our best to collaborate with large number of specialists in various research institutes around the world to contribute to securing global food supply, solving energy problems and promoting environmental conservation to overcome the challenges in agricultural production through harnessing NON-GM technologies in addition to traditional breeding methods.

CEO Tsuyoshi Tokunaga