Nutritional value of some sorghum silage is comparable to that of dent corn, while some sorghum verities produce more than twice as much yields as regular dent corn.

It is silage that is piled up behind the men
Silage is crushed when harvesting as Lactic acid fermentation proceeds efficiently

Silage is a fermented feed and is one of the leading cattle feeds.
Characteristics of silage are:

  1. Organic acids such as lactic acid generated by lactic acid fermentation will improve the preference of cows. (Cattles like the taste)
  2. Probiotic effect by lactic acid bacteria (such as gastrointestinal action and disease prevention) can be expected.
  3. Lactic acid fermentation prevents spoilage and decomposition caused by other bacteria, so it enables long-term storage.

Currently, dent corn (maize) is a leading source of silage produced around the world. Though sorghum silage is produced in part, people believed that sorghum silage is inferior in nutritional value to dent corn silage containing high nutritious corn grain.

We have been breeding sorghum genetic lines and assessing their performance for silage utilisation in various countries and regions of the world. Our data showed that some lines of sorghum could be a raw material for nutritious silage almost equal to dent corn silage, and some lines can surpass dent corn by more than two times in yield. Our sorghum will be an option for farmers to increase bottom-line.

In cooperation with the multiple universities including the University of Tokyo and national research institutions of Japan and other countries, we are developing improved sorghum lines with various traits such as high nutritive value, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, disease/pest tolerance, low fertilizer requirements, and so forth.
There are more than 1.4 billion cattle in the world, and high-quality silage is required all over the world.
We support your silage business through customized-consulting from supplying seed, guiding sorghum production, and commercializing sorghum silage so that your business will be beneficial and sustainable. No matter you are switching from other crops or trying to produce sorghum under adverse conditions where other plants cannot grow, we can provide a solution and go along with your business.

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