“Tailor-made Solution” for a sustainable society

Global warming, energy problems, food problems, desertification, disparities of rich and poor. There are many problems in this world, and they are not the matter of others, but of all of us living on the earth.

We believe that we can contribute to mitigating the problems people are facing around the world by exploiting our technologies and products.

Approximately 2.4 billion hectares of land on the earth is not economically feasible for agricultural production because of salt accumulation and drought. If we could cultivate salt-tolerant or drought-tolerant sorghum on these barren lands the land would turn into the food basket or energy plant while reducing the impact of climate change by stopping soil degradation, desertification, and erosion. We wish our challenge could foster a new industry and bring new income to many people out there.

We are conducting research and development to provide “tailor-made solution”, through developing and supplying new sorghum varieties that geared for each unique environments and purpose, and moreover supporting local industry.
We are convinced that this technology will be an invaluable tool for creating a sustainable society.

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